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Background Checks in Australia

Each record set in this index can be of use when conducting a background check.

Some are industry specific and will only apply to select organisations and fields. This applies especially with occupational licences and qualifications.

Others have a much broader appeal and are common place with background checks.

Selecting the ones that are right for you and your organisation is the best approach. You can save your preferences to your dashboard and have it available at any time.

How to conduct a Free Background Check

Is it possible to run a free background check? Yes! Is it the best possible check you can perform? No. What free searches do is make the most of records and information that is publicly available without any cost. By knowing where to look, and how to search, you too can gain an insight into someone’s background.

1.      Social Media

Working in investigations through the early era of the internet, we were one of the first to take to social media to uncover all manner of background information on people. Our first published article on Social Background Checks was in 2009, but the techniques were in use well before the time of publication.

Today social media is still an excellent tool to uncover information about a person. Whilst individuals are commonly more aware of their online privacy these days, this does not discount it as a primary source for checks.

Primary sources include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin

2.      Search Engines

There are a few approaches you can take when searching for information on someone online. You can head straight to Google and type in a name, or you can try a meta search.

Google will give you a broad scale view of any web page that has a person’s name on it. This is essentially known as the shallow web; the place all search engines can reach. It can give you an insight into any personal blogs, social media accounts that are publicly available, mentions on public social media pages, sports clubs and more.

Targeting the results can be done using Google’s advanced search features. These are an excellent feature and it pays to learn how best to refine your search. The other option is to include keywords that match up with a persons location, job or interests.

3.      Criminal History

This is where the words free background check becomes diluted for some. There is no free official police check. Simply put, it costs money and you need the person in questions approval. All is not lost however, as there are other ways and means of uncovering criminal history that are free. What’s more you don’t need the persons permission to check.

Whilst these may be of little use for conducting official enquiries, and they may not cover all convictions, they can provide you with an insight.

Throughout Australia, criminal cases are heard in the court system. District and Supreme Courts in Australia publish their judgments and decisions online. As such, a search of court records using a person’s name can provide a list of cases a person may have been involved in. This can include criminal and civil cases, which can also provide a broader scope of interest beyond criminal hearings alone.

4.      Occupational Licence & Industry Associations

I am a doctor! I am a lawyer! Really? Let’s have a look. Did you know that many professions have public registers where people can check the current status of a person’s eligibility to work in the given field? This ranges from medical professionals through to builders, tradespeople, security and more. A huge slice of the workforce falls into these categories, construction covers 10% all on its own according to statistics.

Every state and territory in Australia have their own system of occupational licensing for select industries. These registers are publicly available online for free. In addition, professional bodies covering everyone from engineers to dentists are also available.