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Traffic and Driving Records in Australia

Driving records and traffic history reports are available under different names and in every state and territory of Australia. They are commonly available in two forms. The first being an online check which provides you with an instant report of your driving history. This can not be used in legal proceedings and is intended for information purposes only. The second is a certified driving record. The certified copy is for use in legal proceedings and will commonly give you instant access to the online check as well.

Obtaining a traffic history report

Access to traffic history is normally only available to the driver themselves. An ID Check is required to access the services. There are circumstances in which outside parties may apply for access to the records, and the provisions vary from state to state.

Drivers Licence status

Select states provide an online service to check the current status of a driver’s licence. This can be accessed by licence number, name and date of birth. Whilst it primarily intended for the holder of the licence it can be accessed by anyone with those details. This will commonly include employers, especially those that require a person to drive a work vehicle as part of their job.

Demerit Points

Demerit points are part of the penalty system applied when drivers break road rules. They tally up with each application traffic offence recorded within a set time period. The time and points allowable before further action will be taken varies from state to state and class of licence. Accumulated points, or crossing the allowable threshold, can result in the loss or suspension of a driver’s licence. A few states provide a simple online system for checking demerit points.

At certain times of year traffic offences will attract double demerit points. This is done to act as a deterrent from infringing on road rules often during peak holiday periods.

State reports

Traffic History and Driving Records go by a variety of titles around the country. A sample of the check you may conduct include:

  • Driver Licence Report
  • Traffic Infringement History
  • Statement of Licence Details
  • Demerit Point & Suspension History
  • Traffic Record History
  • Traffic Demerit Points
  • Driver Record

Traffic Convictions

In addition to traffic convictions being available through state transport bodies, they will also be displayed on a National Police Check. The check will only display those where a conviction was recorded and not a complete driving history.

Names will also appear on court records, such as daily court lists, should you attend due to a traffic related matter.

Motor Vehicle Records

In addition to individual licence checks, information is available on motor vehicle records. The include registration checks, registered interests and accident reports.

Why Public Records?

In the modern era, there are countless sources of information and records collections available online. Keeping up to date with your options and knowing what’s available to you isn’t always easy. Searching for records can be tiring, moving from site to site and page to page, trying to locate what you’re after.

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