Driving Records

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Driving records and traffic history reports are available under different names and in every state and territory of Australia.


  • Driver Licence Report
  • Traffic Infringement History
  • Statement of Licence Details
  • Demerit Point & Suspension History
  • Traffic Record History
  • Traffic Demerit Points
  • Driver Record

Options may include a basic record, which may not be used for legal proceedings, and certified which can.

Driving Records commonly provide every traffic related offence ever recorded against your name. They are essentially a lifetime record of every infringement.

In certain states, you may also check the status of a drivers licence online. There may also be an option to check  demerit points you have accrued. A status check is often a public check that requires the entering of a driver licence number, first and last name, and date of birth.

Traffic Convictions may be disclosed on a National Police Check. Infringements that received fines or demerits, but no conviction, will not be displayed.