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Australian Aviation Records

Search Aviation Records databases relevant to Australia. We’ve assembled some of the more popular and useful databases relevant to the aviation industry. These include aircraft registers, airfields, flight crew and other personnel.

The majority of searches are relevant to current day and are not historical in nature. They are also Australia-wide for the most part and not governed by the states or local councils. The major record holder for the industry is CASA, or the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. This is a department of the Federal Government. It provides registers for both aerodromes and aircraft. It also licenses individuals and organisations including air traffic controllers, radio operators, flight crew and maintenance personnel.

If you are looking for someone in the industry by name, there are a series of check you can perform. Flight Crew, authorised inspectors and design approvals approved. The PPSR also lists name of those that have a security interest in an aircraft.

The Aircraft Register is one for the enthusiasts. You can look up any aircraft by VH number, registration holder, type and more.

If you are aware of additional records in the field of Australian aviation, please add them and help the collection grow. Your assistance is what keeps this index growing.

Aviation covers everything relating to aircraft, from airports to pilots and flight crew, maintenance staff and traffic controllers.