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Just wanted to thanks to the team at the Ryerson Index. So much hard work and time has clearly ...

Digitised Newspapers

Online search of digitised newspapers by the National Library

Family History Search Victoria

Search Victorian Births Deaths and Marriages including those at sea.

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1.7 million who died in the First and Second World Wars

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Search a comprehensive range of public records by name or keyword.

Australian Family History Records

A great deal of work has been done over the last few decades. Taking original paper documents, photographing them, transcribing their contents. Putting our history into a digital format we can use today. All around the world this is taking place from small country parishes through to state and federal archives. The collections useful for Genealogy now contain billions of searchable records. What’s more is that many of them remain free.

The public records listed in the Australian Genealogy index are useful when researching your family history. Records date back to the 1700’s and cover a range of topics. Find out whether your ancestors served in the Australian Military, discover if any were bankrupt.

Certain records will keep the tree growing, showing parents and siblings. Run the search again but this time with the parents name. That’s the beauty of genealogy research online, everything is just a button click away.