Motor Vehicle Records

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Motor Vehicle Records in Australia

There is a range of records available online in Australia relating to cars, motorbikes and trucks. Many motor vehicle records are available on a state by state basis with transport departments providing the bulk of official checks. Other checks allow you to consider security interests, car values and accident reports.

Vehicle Registration Checks

Each state and territory provide an online check for vehicle owners to check the current status of their registration. This is commonly a simple tool that will provide a status and nothing more. The vehicle may be registered or not currently registered. Some states will also provide an expiration date and particulars of the vehicle.

Licence Checks

As well as information relating to motor vehicles being available, you may also obtain driving records and do licence checks on individuals. Available searches include checking the status of a licence, demerit points, suspension status and traffic history.

Purchasing a Car

When you are looking at purchasing a car, it is important to check a few simple details first. These are in addition to any mechanical inspections you choose to undertake. Is the vehicle stolen? Does it have any security interests registered against it, is it a good price? These are just a few that should be considered. A number of these checks can be performed online, some free of charge and others attracting a premium.