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Access to Service Records for ex-serving members

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Search Australian Refrigeration Council Licences

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Online access to the National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII)

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Search for Child Care Centres and Vacancies in Australia

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Search over 15,000 aircraft registered in Australia

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Just wanted to thanks to the team at the Ryerson Index. So much hard work and time has clearly ...

Public Records Australia

Index of public records serving an Australia-wide audience. Includes commonwealth and federal records from all topic specific categories found throughout the site. This resource includes both historical and current day databases. You can narrow down your search by selecting a category from the front page. It will provide you with groupings of records that may be relevant to your research.

State and local records are not included within the Australia-wide section. To browse or search state public records, please choose the locality you wish to check. In some states major cities and towns will have their own searches.

You may also narrow your search to choose a certain type of record in a specific location. This also applies to the Australian section as you can choose what data-sets you wish to view.