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Australian People Search

If you are looking to find people in Australia, these record checks have name searches or results available. An Australian people search needs to cover more than just the basics, especially if someone doesn’t want to be found.

Whilst your first point of call to locate someone will often be Facebook or Google, these don’t always have the person you are looking for. The White Pages is also popular, but becoming less valuable each year due to mobile phones. Once you have skimmed through the billions of social media and search engine results, it’s time to try something a little more out of the box.

There are many free people searches online with instant results. Which ones you choose will be based on what you know. For example, if you are looking for a builder, running a search on the state register for builders licences can be effective. Do they have their own aeroplane? Try the Civil Aircraft Register as it returns addresses. If they hold a position in a business or organisation, they may be found in the contacts. Are they running a business? Try the wide range of business options. What is important when conducting an Australian people search is that you make use of the information you currently have.

it’s time to try something a little more out of the box

If you hit a few dead ends with your approach, you can also try searching for relatives, friends and work associates of a person. These can lead you to the one you are seeking by way of making contact with a phone call or an email. At the very least you may be able to get a message through that you are looking for them and request they contact you.

You will also find a range of information and records searches useful for finding someone at People Search. This resource has been around for 15 years and has some unique approaches as well as professional services.

People Search KeyboardThe majority of searches listed are free of charge. The ones that are fee based will be displayed as such. We would recommend that you exhaust all free avenues if you have the time before moving onto paying for information. Also be aware of sites that provide a free Australian people search and then request that you pay to reveal more detail. These are often using old outdated data and sometimes not even relevant to our country.

Note that we focus solely on Australia with these resources. If you wish to locate someone overseas you may wish to try international guides.

People Finder Features has a few special features that can enhance your research. If you regularly use people finder tools, you can utilise the “Save” feature. By taking up free membership, you can save any record or check you like. This will create a list, similar to favourites, that you can find in your dashboard.

Also, if you are in a given topic, select the “people search” checkbox at the top of the page. This will only show all resources that have a persons name or a keyword option that will return names and/or addresses in the results.

If you are looking for information on someone, select the background check option instead. Or for those looking into their family history, try Genealogy.

As with all sections of public records, if you know of any more that would be of interest, help others with their efforts and add them to the index.

All the best with your Australian People Search!