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Business and company records have a big part to play in many types of research. From background checks to finding people, choosing who we should do business with, due diligence, and who to provide accounts to. Every day current day records are accessed for a variety of reasons and they can play a vitally important role in the decision-making process.

There are many different types of records available covering business in Australia. From ABN searches which are used regularly, to phone directories providing contacts and addresses. There are notices regarding companies going insolvent, directors being banned, yearly reports and more. Public Records provides you with an insight into what’s available to you.

Company Records

ASIC is the main repository for company records in Australia. Whilst their free online searches provide a brief overview of companies and the documents available, you may need to go through an Information Broker to gain the detailed reports.

Social Media

Social Media accounts can also provide an insight into a business and its operations. From day to day dealings to upcoming events, a companies marketing can be followed and scrutinised.