Police Checks

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Police Checks in Australia

Millions of police checks are performed in Australia each year. The most common of these is the National Police Check. This is a check performed on a nationally coordinated database of criminal history covering all states and territories. The ACIC is responsible for the upkeep and provision of the service. An NPC can be obtained through state and territory police, or through private companies and organisations accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Who can request a check?

Only the person the check is being performed on can request or give authorisation for a national police check. If a person does not give permission to have their criminal history accessed, no check can be undertaken.

Fingerprint Checks

A fingerprint check can be needed under certain regulatory requirements. This style of criminal history check is far more expensive and requires you obtaining a set of full fingerprints from your local police station. The fingerprints and your completed application can then be forwarded to the Australian Federal Police for processing.