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Cemetery and Death Records in Australia

If you are researching your family history, cemetery and death records are a commonly performed search. The information contained within will not only provide you details of dates and locations, but often much more. Spouse and parent names are sometimes included.

This style of search may also be useful when searching for an adoptees birth family. Information relating to family members can help create another lead or person to find that may help with your search.

The databases housed within this section relate specifically to cemeteries and death notices and records. You may also find additional information in broader scale searches. Ones that include births, marriages and divorce records commonly also cover deaths. This is due to the state based organisations that manage and maintain the various records being one agency.

Many searches are freely available online whilst some others may require a fee or registration prior to access.

Probate Notices

Public notices relating to Probates are published online. This is common amongst the states from around 2012/2013.