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Charity Check

Checks are used to verify an organisations registration status as a charity in Australia. This can be an important tool under certain circumstances.

Help Avoid Fraud

Door knockers visit homes every day throughout the country, selling goods and services, as well as asking for money for a charitable cause. This gives rise to questions in some circumstances. Is the gift you give tax deductible, and are the people standing at your door acting on behalf of a registered charity.

Some will be from well known organisations such as the Red Cross. They’ll be wearing the gear; the ID badge and the door knock appeal happens once a year. But there are thousands of lesser known charities spread throughout the country raising funds for a variety of worthy causes. On the flip side, fraudsters and scam artists prey on innocent victims using made up charities to fleece you of your hard earned. The starting point can be to run a quick charities check online. This will at the very least determine whether the organisation is valid and registered and whether they are eligible to receive funds. How you determine whether those at your door are acting on behalf of that charity is an article all unto itself, but you can start with a quick phone call.

Charity Registers

Charity Registers come in a few forms. There are the official Government ones as well as private registers. In addition to confirming registration, you can learn a bit about each one and what they are working to achieve.