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Australian Tenders

Public Records provides an extensive index of Government and Private tenders throughout Australia. From local councils through to Australia-wide contracts, current and open tenders through to historical in nature and awarded.

What is a Tender?

The Tender process is whereby governments and organisations request bids on the provision of specified goods and services. For example, a council may request bids on the provision of cleaning services for its chambers and offices.

Businesses and organisations then register their interest, and submit a proposal outlining their qualifications and suitability, as well as what price they will provide the services for.

Online Tender Search

Many of the local, state and Federal Governments provide a range of online tools to discover and locate ones that suit. You can conduct an online tender search at many of these as well as browsing all current and open tenders, upcoming tenders and closed tenders.

There are also a few private organisations that compile the data from many of these. Each one will provide an online tender search providing various options. Many of these will also offer commercial support services to assist you through the process.