Searches and databases relevant to locating sources of information specific to the state of Victoria, Australia. Historical documents provide an insight into our past and have many a use including genealogy, whilst present day records are of value to both individuals and business seeking knowledge. A range of sources covering Victoria may also be found in the Australian-wide and topic specific categories elsewhere on Public Records.

Births, Deaths, Marriages & Baptisms Victoria  Listing Details
Search births in Victoria from 1853 to 1908, marriages in Victoria from 1853 to 1942, deaths in Victoria from 1853 to 1985 and church baptisms, marriages and burials in Victoria from 1836 to 1853.
Builders Register VIC  Listing Details
Search for a registered building practioner in Victoria by name, registration number, type of work, suburb and postcode. Covers Inspectors, Surveyors, builders, demolishers, draftspersons, engineers and erectors or supervisors of temporary structures.
Conveyancers Register VIC  Listing Details
Search for licensed Conveyancers in Victoria by name, number, suburb or postcode, place of business or business name.
Electrical Contractor VIC  Listing Details
Download a copy of the registered electrical contractor list for Victoria. Provides Registration Number, Trading Name, Address and Expiry Date. Find the register amongst the Quick-Links on the side of the page.
Electrical Inspector VIC  Listing Details
Browse the online list of Electrical Inspectors by suburb that are able to inspect electrical installation work in Victoria.
Find a JP Victoria  Listing Details
Search for a Justice of the Peace in Victoria by suburb or postcode.
Introduction Agents Register VIC  Listing Details
Provides information on viewing the register of introduction agents in Victoria.
Marine Births, Deaths & Marriages VIC  Listing Details
Search births, marriages and deaths that occurred onboard international and coastal ships bound for port in Victoria between 1853 and 1920.
Motor Car Trader VIC (BLA)  Listing Details
Search the Business Licensing Authority register of motor car traders in Victoria.
Owners Corporation Managers Register VIC  Listing Details
Check the Victorian public register of Owners Corporation Managers for information.
Pawnbrokers Register VIC  Listing Details
Search the Victorian Second Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers public register by name, licence number, suburb, business name and licence type.
Police Records Check (VIC)  Listing Details
Information on obtaining a National Police Record Check through the Victoria Police.
Real Estate Agents Register VIC  Listing Details
Search for information about licensed real estate agents, agents representatives and other people involved in an estate agency business as well as names of persons declared ineligible to hold a licence or be an agent's representative.
Stolen / Lost Firearm VIC  Listing Details
Check if a firearm is classified as lost or stolen in the State of Victoria by serial number.
Unclaimed Money Search Victoria  Listing Details
Search the Victorian Unclaimed Money database provided by the State Revenue Office.