Find Queensland (QLD) public records through the Australian index. Includes regional specific categories such as Brisbane and focuses on both current and historical records.

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Births, Deaths & Marriages Records QLD  Listing Details
Search historical indexes of births registered in Queensland up to and including 1914, deaths registered in Queensland up to and including 1964 and marriages registered in Queensland up to including 1934.
Builder and Trade Contractor Licence QLD  Listing Details
Search all Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) licensed Builders, Trade Contractors, Designers, Nominees and Site Supervisors by licence number, name or company name.
Building Certifier Check QLD  Listing Details
Search all licensed Building Certifiers. Certifiers are licensed under the Queensland Building Act 1975 to assess, approve and inspect building work.
Cemetery Records QLD 1802-91990  Listing Details
Index of transcriptions, burials and records from cemeteries throughout Queensland.
Charity Register QLD  Listing Details
Perform a search of the Queensland Charities Register by name, postcode or organisation number to check that a charity is registered to fundraise in QLD.
Commercial Agent Licence Check QLD  Listing Details
Search Commercial Agents (Debt Collectors) and Sub-Agents in Queensland by name, licence number or company name to ensure they are properly licensed. Select Commercial Agents from the drop-down menu.
Court Judgements QLD  Listing Details
Full text judgements of the Queensland Supreme Court of Appeal 1992-, Supreme Court Trial Division 2000-, District Court 2000-, Planning and Environment Court 2000-, Mental Health Court 2002-, Land Court and Land Appeal Court.
Criminal History Check (QLD)  Listing Details
Information on the types of criminal record checks available, the fees involved, and where to apply for one.
Enforceable Undertakings QLD  Listing Details
Browse the register of enforceable undertakings for the past 5 years in Queensland.
Justices of the Peace QLD  Listing Details
Search for Queensland Justices of the Peace (JP) and Commissioners for Declaration (C.dec) by suburb/town or postcode.
Members of Parliament QLD  Listing Details
Lists both current and former members of the Government of Queensland.
Missing Persons QLD  Listing Details
Browse profiles of Missing Persons in Queensland as provided by the Queensland Police. Details are also provided on how to report a missing person.
Owner Builder Permit Check QLD  Listing Details
Search by name, lot or plan number, or address all Owner Builder permit holders in Queensland. An Owner Builder's permit is required when a home owner undertakes building work of their premises for a value in excess of $11,000.
Place Names QLD  Listing Details
Allows the general public to search for place names in Queensland.
Security Provider Licence Check QLD  Listing Details
Search Bodyguards, Crowd Controllers, Private Investigators, Security Officers, Security Advisers, Security Equipment Installers and Security Firms in Queensland by name, licence number or company name to ensure they are properly licensed. Select Security Provider from the drop-down menu.
Supreme Court Decisions QLD (Austlii)  Listing Details
Contains decisions of the Supreme Court of Queensland from 1994.
Unclaimed Money Queensland  Listing Details
The Public Trustee of Queensland’s Unclaimed Moneys service.