Search or browse business, professional, trade and contractor licenses throughout Australia.

Builder and Trade Contractor Licence QLD  Listing Details
Search all Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) licensed Builders, Trade Contractors, Designers, Nominees and Site Supervisors by licence number, name or company name.
Builders & Tradespeople Licence Check NSW  Listing Details
Search licences of all builders and tradespeople that carry out residential building work in NSW by name, licence number or address. Select Home Building from the menu.
Builders Register NT  Listing Details
Check the public register of Building Practitioners in the Northern Territory by category, number, individual or company name, suburb and status. Includes Builders, Certifiers, Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Plumbers and Drainers.
Builders Register TAS  Listing Details
Search the register of accredited building practioners in Tasmania by accreditation number, individual name, business name, category, town, postcode and state. Includes builders, architects, engineers, designers, surveyors, construction managers and demolishers.
Builders Register VIC  Listing Details
Search for a registered building practioner in Victoria by name, registration number, type of work, suburb and postcode. Covers Inspectors, Surveyors, builders, demolishers, draftspersons, engineers and erectors or supervisors of temporary structures.
Builders Register WA  Listing Details
Search the Western Australia register of builders by name, suburb, postcode and registration number. Any building work valued over $20,000 in WA must be performed by a registered builder. A full register is also available for download in PDF format.
Building Certifier Check QLD  Listing Details
Search all licensed Building Certifiers. Certifiers are licensed under the Queensland Building Act 1975 to assess, approve and inspect building work.
Commercial Agent Licence Check QLD  Listing Details
Search Commercial Agents (Debt Collectors) and Sub-Agents in Queensland by name, licence number or company name to ensure they are properly licensed. Select Commercial Agents from the drop-down menu.
Construction & Design Professionals ACT  Listing Details
Browse lists of registered or accredited professionals in the ACT including Architects, Asbestos Assessors and Removalists, Builders, Certifiers, Electricians, Energy Assessors, Gasfitters, Plumbers and Drainers, Gasworkers and Surveyors.
Conveyancers Licence Check NSW  Listing Details
Check that a Conveyancer holds a current New South Wales licence.
Conveyancers Register VIC  Listing Details
Search for licensed Conveyancers in Victoria by name, number, suburb or postcode, place of business or business name.
Debt Collectors WA  Listing Details
Browse the register of licensed debt collectors in Western Australia.
Electrical Contractor VIC  Listing Details
Download a copy of the registered electrical contractor list for Victoria. Provides Registration Number, Trading Name, Address and Expiry Date. Find the register amongst the Quick-Links on the side of the page.
Electrical Inspector VIC  Listing Details
Browse the online list of Electrical Inspectors by suburb that are able to inspect electrical installation work in Victoria.
Introduction Agents Register VIC  Listing Details
Provides information on viewing the register of introduction agents in Victoria.
Liquor & Gaming Licence SA  Listing Details
Search South Australian liquor and gaming licence holders including hotels, entertainment venues, clubs, crowd controllers, casinos, bookmakers, betting agents and more.
Motor Car Trader VIC (BLA)  Listing Details
Search the Business Licensing Authority register of motor car traders in Victoria.
Owner Builder Permit Check QLD  Listing Details
Search by name, lot or plan number, or address all Owner Builder permit holders in Queensland. An Owner Builder's permit is required when a home owner undertakes building work of their premises for a value in excess of $11,000.
Owners Corporation Managers Register VIC  Listing Details
Check the Victorian public register of Owners Corporation Managers for information.
Pawnbrokers Register VIC  Listing Details
Search the Victorian Second Hand Dealers and Pawnbrokers public register by name, licence number, suburb, business name and licence type.
Property Services Licence Check NSW  Listing Details
Perform a licence check of real estate agents (including a buyer’s agent), stock and station agents, business agents, strata managing agents and on-site residential property managers in New South Wales.
Real Estate Agents Register VIC  Listing Details
Search for information about licensed real estate agents, agents representatives and other people involved in an estate agency business as well as names of persons declared ineligible to hold a licence or be an agent's representative.
Security Agents TAS  Listing Details
Perform a check of the Tasmanian Security Agents Licence Holders Register. Inlcudes Crowd Controllers, Security Guards, Commercial Agents and Sub-Agents (Debt Collectors) and Inquiry Agents (Private Investigators). Register is in list form and provides full names, expiry dates, conditions and activity.
Security Provider Licence Check QLD  Listing Details
Search Bodyguards, Crowd Controllers, Private Investigators, Security Officers, Security Advisers, Security Equipment Installers and Security Firms in Queensland by name, licence number or company name to ensure they are properly licensed. Select Security Provider from the drop-down menu.
Travel Agents TAS  Listing Details
View the public register of travel agents licensed to operate in Tasmania. Provides legal and trading names, address and licence numbers.