Bankruptcy Records

Search bankruptcy records and information in Australia.

Searches include both current and historical records from a range of sources. Current insolvency checks through some providers may involve a fee.

Bankruptcy Records NSW 1888-1928  Listing Details
Search the index to 1888 to 1928 bankruptcy records held by the State Records Department of New South Wales.
Bankruptcy Search  Listing Details
Perform a search in relation to a bankruptcy notice as required by the Federal Court (Bankruptcy) and the Federal Magistrates Court (Bankruptcy) rules.
National Personal Insolvency Index (Citec Confirm)  Listing Details
Fee based NPII search of the ITSA register of all personal bankruptcies and insolvencies in Australia.
National Personal Insolvency Index (SAI Global)  Listing Details
Provides direct web based access to ASIC, Insolvency Trustees Service Australia (ITSA) Bankruptcy and National Business Names registry searches and extracts. Fee based.
National Personal Insolvency Index (Veda)  Listing Details
Authorised Index Search Agent providing ITSA searches by first name, last name and Admin number.