Index of public records serving an Australia-wide audience. Includes commonwealth and federal records from all topic specific categories found throughout the site. This resource includes both historical and current day databases.

ABN Search  Listing Details
Provides access to the publicly available information provided by businesses when they register for an Australian Business Number (ABN).
Academic Qualifications Check (QualSearch)  Listing Details
Registration based service to verify academic qualifications from a wide range of Australian Universities and Institutions. You may view the list of participating institutions online.
Agricultural & Veterinary Chemicals Recalls  Listing Details
Voluntary and compulsory agricultural & veterinary chemicals product recalls notices.
Air Force Personnel Records  Listing Details
Information on obtaining postwar (1949 onwards) personnel records of service in the RAAF.
Areodrome Safety Inspections  Listing Details
List of persons authorised to conduct safety inspection at registered aerodomes in Australia. Provided by CASA.
Army Personnel Records  Listing Details
Information on obtaining Australian army personnel records and summaries from the Central Army Records Office.
Australia Births and Baptisms 1792-1981  Listing Details
Search the index to selected Australia births and baptisms between 1792 and 1981 by name, event and location. Over 600,000 records.
Australia Deaths and Burials 1816-1980  Listing Details
Search the index to selected Australian deaths and burials by name, location or event. Over 100,000 records.
Australia Marriages 1810-1980  Listing Details
Index to selected Australia marriages between 1810 and 1980. Collection contains over 160,000 records.
Australian Census Records  Listing Details
Search Australian records including the 1828, 1841, 1891 and 1901 NSW Australian census as well as convict musters.
Australian Curriculum  Listing Details
Provides details of the national curriculum for schools ranging from early grades to year 12.
Bankruptcy Search  Listing Details
Perform a search in relation to a bankruptcy notice as required by the Federal Court (Bankruptcy) and the Federal Magistrates Court (Bankruptcy) rules.
Banned & Disqualified Persons Register  Listing Details
Search Persons who have been banned or disqualified under provisions of the Corporations Act 2001.
Broadcaster List  Listing Details
A list of all commercial, community, LAP narrowcasting radio, and television broadcasters.
Broadcasters by Place Name  Listing Details
Search for licensed broadcasting services in Australia by State and place name.
Broadcasters by Postcode  Listing Details
Search the ACMA database of licensed broadcasters in Australia by postcode.
Business Names Register  Listing Details
Search the index of Australian business names.
Cemetery Inscriptions NSW 1800-1960  Listing Details
Search index cards of inscriptions found in cemeteries in New South Wales from 1800 to 1960. You may also browse the images collection.
Census Data and Analysis  Listing Details
Provides reports and information compiled from the Australian census in a vast array of options.
Certfied Aerodromes  Listing Details
Alphabetical listing of all Australian aerodromes certified by CASA.
Charity Search  Listing Details
Browse and search profiles on major Australian charities.
Civil Aircraft Register  Listing Details
Search CASA'a aircraft register by VH number, aircraft type, registration holder, manufacturer and model and registered operator.
Commonwealth of Australia Consolidated Acts  Listing Details
Contains copies of all consolidated Commonwealth Acts with the exception of some Appropriation and Supply Acts.
Death Notices  Listing Details
Search the Ryerson Index of contemporary death notices and obituaries that appeared in Australian newspapers. Also includes some funeral notices, probate notices and obituaries.
Deductible Gift Recipients  Listing Details
Browse lists of organisations and funds that can receive tax deductible gifts in Australia.
Defence Force Records Name Search  Listing Details
Search Australian defence force personnel records from 1901 through to 1979 by name. Covers Army, Navy & Air Force. Additional records searches include court martial records, prisoner of war records, civilian service records, pay records and accident reports.
Design Approvals Authorised Persons  Listing Details
Search for businesses and individuals are authorised to provide a design approval service to the public. Search provided by CASA.
Designs Database  Listing Details
Search Australian registered designs and applications for design registration by number, article or product and classification code.
Dial Before You Dig  Listing Details
Free referral service for information on underground pipes and cables anywhere in Australia.
Do Not Call Register  Listing Details
Information on registering your details as well as industry information for obtaining access to the register.
Electoral Enrolment Check  Listing Details
Check electoral enrolment in Australia by name and address.
Electoral Roll  Listing Details
Information on how to view the electronic version of the electoral roll in Australia.
Electoral Rolls (State Library of QLD)  Listing Details
Index to electoral rolls available for viewing at the State Library of Queensland. Includes historical rolls for all states and territories in Australia as well as New Zealand.
Enforceable Undertakings Register  Listing Details
The Enforceable Undertakings Register lists enforceable undertakings accepted by ASIC.
Family Court of Australia Decisions (Austlii)  Listing Details
Contains those full text decisions of the Family Court of Australia from 1982 as selected by the Family Court as suitable for publication because of their value as legal precedents.
Family Court of Australia Judgments  Listing Details
Search new instance and full court appeals judgments at the Family Court of Australia website.
Flight Crew Licence Check  Listing Details
Information on obtaining a flight crew licence check by the Air Transport Safety Bureau.
Food Recalls  Listing Details
Consumer and industry level food recalls information provided by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.
High Court of Australia Case Law  Listing Details
Provides officially reported decisions from the High Court of Australia from 1903 through to the present and all pamphleted decisions from 1998 onwards.
Maps Search (Google)  Listing Details
Search Australian maps. Provides directions, street level maps, street view and satellite images.
Maps Search (Whereis)  Listing Details
Search Australian street level maps and driving directions by address.
Medicine and Medical Device Recalls  Listing Details
Browse product recalls of medicines or medical devices that have been recalled in Australia. Provided by the Department of Health and Ageing Theraputic Goods Administration.
Members of Parliament (Australia)  Listing Details
Browse all current members of the house of representatives by party, name and electorate.
Missing Persons (NMPCC)  Listing Details
Australia-wide listings of missing persons provided by the National Missing Persons Coordination Centre.
Naplan  Listing Details
Details and national overview of Naplan testing which is part of the national assessment program for schools in Australia.
National Personal Insolvency Index (Citec Confirm)  Listing Details
Fee based NPII search of the ITSA register of all personal bankruptcies and insolvencies in Australia.
National Personal Insolvency Index (SAI Global)  Listing Details
Provides direct web based access to ASIC, Insolvency Trustees Service Australia (ITSA) Bankruptcy and National Business Names registry searches and extracts. Fee based.
National Personal Insolvency Index (Veda)  Listing Details
Authorised Index Search Agent providing ITSA searches by first name, last name and Admin number.
National Police Checks  Listing Details
Fee based criminal records check for residents of the ACT and external commonwealth territories as well as those seeking commonwealth government employment or requiring checks under commonwealth legislation.
Navy Personnel Records  Listing Details
Information on obtaining Royal Australian Navy personnel records from 1970 to current day.
Patents Databases  Listing Details
Search Australian Patents by applicants, investor, title, agent name, patent or application number.
Personal Properties Security Register  Listing Details
Search and register security interests in personal property including motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft.
Place Name Search  Listing Details
Search to find the location of places in Australia. Provided by Geoscience Australia.
Postcode Data (Australia Post)  Listing Details
A full extract of the Australia Post postcode file is available for download.
Postcode Search (Australia Post)  Listing Details
Search for an Australian postcode by suburb, town, city and state.
Product Safety Recalls  Listing Details
Search product safety recalls from information on publicly available announcements, newspaper advertisements, or recall notifications that have been submitted to the Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs by the supplier of the product.
Radio Frequency Assignment Accredited Persons  Listing Details
Listing of persons that have been accredited to provide Frequency Assignment Certificates in relation to Apparatus Licences and Interference Impact Certificates for Spectrum Licences.
Registered Charities Search  Listing Details
Search a database of organisations registered as charities with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission.
Scams (MoneySmart)  Listing Details
Financial related scams information provided by ASIC. Includes superannuation, insurance, managed funds, investments and financial advice.
SCAMwatch  Listing Details
ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) lists of scams and warnings by category, what scams are presently making the rounds at this moment and real life stories of scam victims that you can learn from.
School Profiles Search  Listing Details
Search by school name or location for profiles on almost 9,500 Australian schools. Results provide school facts, Naplan results, outcomes and student backgrounds.
Sex Offenders and Paedophiles Search  Listing Details
Search the Movement Against Kindred Offenders (M.A.K.O) files of Australian sex offenders by state/territory or surname
Telecommunications Cablers (ACRS)  Listing Details
Search for cablers registered with the Australian Cabler Registration Service (ACRS) by name, suburb or registration number.
Telecommunications Cablers (ASIAL)  Listing Details
Search for cablers registered with the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) by registration number, name and location. Registration numbers issued by ASIAL begin with S######.
Telecommunications Cablers (BRCA)  Listing Details
Search for cablers registered with BICSI Registered Cablers Australia (BRCA) by name or registration number.
Telecommunications Cablers (TITAB)  Listing Details
Search the TITAB Australia Cabler Registry Services (TITAB ACRS) Register by name, membership number or suburb.
Trade Marks Databases  Listing Details
Search Australian Trade Marks by word, classes, status and TM number. The search is available at no cost.
Travel Agents (Travel Compensation Fund)  Listing Details
Search for an Australian Travel Agent by trading or agency name, suburb and postcode that are members of the Australian Travel Compensation Fund.
Travel Agents - Terminated Participants (Travel Compensation Fund)  Listing Details
Browse a list of travel agents that are no longer registered with the Australian Travel Compensation Fund.
Unclaimed Monies Search (ASIC)  Listing Details
Unclaimed monies search of lodgements from various banks, building societies, credit union, life companies, friendly societies and registered Australian companies.
Unclaimed Super Fund Search  Listing Details
Search for lost superannuation with Ausfund, Australia's Unclaimed Super Fund.
Unclaimed Superannuation  Listing Details
Tool that will help you look for your lost and unclaimed superannuation and provide you with a list of possible matches. Provided by the ATO.
Used Car Values (RedBook)  Listing Details
Provides typical trade-in values and average national private sales price guides for used cars in Australia.
Used Motorcycle Values (RedBook)  Listing Details
Provides typical trade-in values and average national private sales price guides for used motorcycles in Australia.
Visa Holders Verification  Listing Details
Online facility available for visa holders to check their current visa details.
Visa Verification  Listing Details
Online facility that allows organisations to check the entitlements of a visa holder including the right to work in Australia.
White Pages  Listing Details
Search the residential phone directory for Australia by name and location.
World War Two Roll  Listing Details
Search by name, service number, honours or place the men and women who served in Australia's defence forces and the Merchant Navy during World War Two.
Yellow Pages Phone Directory  Listing Details
What and where search of businesses listed in the the Australian phone directory.