Find Australian Capital Teritory (ACT) public records through the online index. Provides both historical and present day sources for Canberra and surrounds and covers all categories relevant to the region.

Canberra Maps & Geographic Information  Listing Details
View ACTMAPi, a web-based tool for viewing maps and geographic information about Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory.
Construction & Design Professionals ACT  Listing Details
Browse lists of registered or accredited professionals in the ACT including Architects, Asbestos Assessors and Removalists, Builders, Certifiers, Electricians, Energy Assessors, Gasfitters, Plumbers and Drainers, Gasworkers and Surveyors.
Justice of the Peace ACT  Listing Details
Search for a JP in the Australian Capital Territory by address and time required.
Land Titles Search ACT (Citec Confirm)  Listing Details
Fee based search of land titles information in the Australian Capital Territory.
National Police Checks  Listing Details
Fee based criminal records check for residents of the ACT and external commonwealth territories as well as those seeking commonwealth government employment or requiring checks under commonwealth legislation.
Place Names ACT  Listing Details
Search for place names in Canberra and the ACT by category, theme or keyword.
Plumbing Tie Search  Listing Details
Search plumbing tie information provided by the ACT Planning and Land Authority by suburb, section, block or by street address.
Unclaimed Moneys Register ACT  Listing Details
Search the unclaimed moneys register provided by the Public Trustee for the Australian Capital Territory.